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The Crew at Artech-Ti
Joey O'Doherty ARTECH's Founder, CEO, President, and Chief Programer. E-mail the President
Jeremy "Jdogg" Ames Vice President of Trinidadian-Jamaican HP Translation. Chairman of the Artech*Fusion Subsidiary. E-Mail the VP
Joseph Vaughn Vice President of Programing and memory management. Chairman of the V*TecH Subsidiary.
Ismail Said Vice President of Distribution and Ti-85 affairs. Chairman of the SISH Subsidiary. E-mail the VP
Mike Owens Vice President of zshell prgraming and hardware affairs. E-mail the VP
Stephen Hsu Special consultant for the Ti-85 and chief of Ti-92 programing.
Andrew Beckert Personal Trainer E-mail the Personal Trainer
Jason Harris Chief Beta Tester.
Beta Testers and distributors Andrew Beckert, Jeremy Ames, Brian Brinkley, and "Ben Dog"
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