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10/11/99 Ok so I know that I haven't really updated this page in a while. Hang tight for a bit and I'll get back at it. And expect assembler!

What is ARTECH-Ti?

ARTECH-Ti is an organization of students that program Texas Instruments calculators. We make and distribute a wide variety of programs for the Ti-82, the Ti-83, and the Ti-85. Not all of our programs are currently "net-ready" but more will be soon. If you have a particular piece of software that you would like to comission, please contact us here.

ARTECH-TI's Exclusive Ti-82 Programs

note: these are all uue encoded!
ASTEROID [Edited by ARTECH] An arcade game. Shoot the asteroids before you are hit. By ACM Download
CALCULUS TOOLKIT This math program will integrate by the rectangular method or trapezoidal method. The number of rectangles or trapezoids can be chosen. The program will also do summations. Download
DAYFINDER Ever wondered what day of the week your birthday will fall on in 2020? Download
ENIGMA The ARTECH secret decoder ring Download
NORM When you're done with games, this program will set you up for graphing. Download
RELATIVE TIME This physics program will calculate the relative time for a person moving close to the speed of light. Usefull on the highway :) Download
TETRIS [Edited by ARTECH] This is the best ti-82 tetris game I have ever seen. rigionated at NC School of Science and Math (?) Download
VECTOR This physics program will add vectors to find the resultant angle and magnitude. (theoretical limit: 99 vectors!) Temporarily Unavailable
Y [Edited by ARTECH] Y is a simple game requiring logic and skill. The goal is to make all three numbers equal. By ACM Teporarily Unavailable
ZART 3.0 ARTECH-TI's logo program. Fully animated! Download
Z-SAVER Is it a screensaver? Is it usefull at all? Download

This page is an ARTECH production

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